I know you are tired of allowing money fights ruin the direction, unity and blessings God has for your marriage


Does this sounds familiar?

  • You are tired of fighting over money in your marriage
  • You're stressed, anxious, and battle feelings of hopelessness that things will ever get better
  • You struggle to make financial decisions TOGETHER
  • Your marriage lacks the vision and action plan needed to accomplish any money goals
You see, before you can execute ANY money goal, you must FIRST unify your marital mindsets.


  • Less fights


  • More Money

  • more freedom

You see, money fights are rarely just about money

What up, I'm Rickette.

The bold lip wearing Brooklynite, Introverted author and Deliverer of Dopeness to Fourand9.com. When I'm not laughing hysterically at Curb Your Enthusiasm episodes, brunching, or spending embarrassing amounts of time looking at English bulldogs, I help engaged & married Christian millennials, like you, develop a money mindset that affords them the framework to execute their financial goals. 


Four and 9 was created to serve engaged & married Christian millennials, like you, who fight and struggle with their finances. As a newlywed, my husband and I struggled to save and live a financial life on purpose. As you can imagine, this led to countless bouts of frustration, conflicts and seasons of hopelessness. I soon learned that "money fights are rarely just about money". As a believer, before you can execute any financial goal, a unified mindset, grounded by The Bible, is required. As a result of that unity, you are now equipped to develop and stick to a plan of crushing your financial goals together! You see financial freedom affords:

  • The ability to buy back time with friends and family
  • The ability to travel the world
  • The ability to contribute to Kingdom causes
  • The ability to live life on your own terms!



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