5 Reasons Your Budget Sucks

Are you frustrated and feeling like you can't get ahead? Maybe you've spent hours combing through spreadsheets and have decided this thing called budgeting doesn't work. You know creating and living within a budget is a major key to getting and staying ahead financially, you just can't seem to get it together. Don't give up, here are five reasons why your budget is wack.com. 


Your Marital communication NEEDS WORK

I've said this many time because it it so true: "before a couple can execute any financial plan, they must be on the same page. Before you can be on the same page, which is a unified mindset, you must master open and effective communication. This consistent communication applies to all couples, even where spouses who don't want to be bothered with the perception of boring, tedious number crunching. You must BOTH agree to meet and discuss the intricacies of the budget. You must BOTH cast a vision for each financial season. This is exactly why I wrote my new book "Make Your Money One".  For 21 days, it walks you though what God says how we should handle, manage and experience money. Reduce and eventually eliminate financial discord through effective communication and finally be on your unified way to financial freedom. You can purchase the book here. 


It is Not AccuratE OR REALISTIC

You must anticipate your budget by knowing exactly what goes in and out. There are no room for surprises, especially when you are living paycheck to paycheck. Every dollar must have a name. You don't want to be out in these streets having to choose between food and gas because you're carelessly spending. With that being said, did you even create a realistic budget, true to your actual income, needs and responsibilities? Did you leave any room for fun? Or perhaps wiggle room for emergencies that can never be planned for. This is why effective communication is important. You must be intentional about discussing any new expenses that may arise each month. 


CUTE BUDGET SHEETS are not enough

Have you spent hours scrolling through Pinterest for cute budgeting worksheets or even purchased some girlboss planner only to overspend, miss bill payments, and still make poor spending decision? Of course, because worksheets and planners do not dictate behavior. They simply report the "what" and "when".  While the when and what is important, you need to create a system to ensure the structure and boundaries  of giving each dollar has a purpose..


No clear vision

Now that we have addressed effective communication and the importance of going a step further than just having candy coated worksheets, you are ready for the why behind your budget.  What does financial freedom afford the family in the long run? What will living below your budget, mean for your family? Having a clear vision is especially beneficial when and if you begin to lose focus and motivation in your financial journey. I wrote about that here


You Lack Discipline

Personal finance is much more than number crunching but a trifecta of discipline, patience and contentment. Listen it is not your budget's fault that you love new and nice things but lack the discipline to say not now. The great thing about discipline is that it can be strengthened and refined. Know thyself and setup guardrails where you are tempted to Tasmanian Devil through your budget. I talk about that here


I want your marriage to win. I want you to develop the behavioral character that'll help your budget keep you accountable to your vision and plan. Let me know which area of budgeting has proved to be a challenge?