5 Things Married Millennials Must Do With Money

Millennial Money

Implementing the behavioral changes, that convert to financial sense, is certainly not easy. This is especially difficult navigating as a married couple. Two people with individual perspectives, passions and personalities, that now have to navigate as one unit. You have to collectively resolve not to spend another year repeating the same financial patterns that kept you stagnant or even worse, behind. There is still hope. Successful money habits will lay a solid foundation for you to smash your financial goals. Declare as a couple to execute the steps needed to see your desired financial changes. Whether you're engaged and married so long you're beginning to look alike, consider these 5 essential money tips for married couples. 



Pretending that a problem doesn't exist, doesn't make it go away. Fear may even attempt to have you remain ignorant to the mounds of bills, and notices. You’ve heard that knowledge is power and I have certainly found that information will repel fear. The more informed you are, the more empowered you are to take action. With that being said, you must collectively make a conscious effort to access your finances. Pull out your documents, log-in to your accounts, and gauge your financial snapshot. In order to know where you are going, you must acknowledge where you are. 

Habit: We will take off our blinders and re-engage our finances.


2. Have A Plan

Have you ever tried traveling somewhere you've never been, without directions, only to take forever (Cardi B voice)? Or even worse, you end up lost? With so many resources readily available to us, it is pretty silly to go anywhere without mapping it out first. We can apply this same ideology to our financial goals. What does that "destination" look like for you? Perhaps it is reducing or eliminating debt this year? How about save up for a house down payment? However lofty or attainable your goals are, the navigational tool you need, is a plan. Whatever that plan is, be sure to effecyively communicate and make it quantifiable, time-sensitive and realistic.

Habit: We will create a financial plan that is specific, realistic and time-sensitive.


3. HAVE Discipline

Actionable Goal + Discipline = Desired Result

Now that you’ve created an actionable plan, discipline is what will allow you to execute, and consistently at that. It really is the catalyst and springboard to change. Discipline says I will do, even when I don’t feel like it. Although this behavior is not inmate to most of us, it can certainly be learned and sharpened. Practice being uncomfortable. Visualize your success. 

Habit: We will discipline ourselves to achieve our financial goals.


4. Work Smart (and Hard)

Would you expect a six pack from doing 500 sit ups while still eating Shake Shack everyday? That would be a solid no, right?! Knocking out that amount of sit ups is hard work, but not smart work if you continue to eat poorly. But if you’re like me, you’re filled with so much hope and excitement at the top of the year. You are determined to eliminate careless spending, create a debt repayment plan, increase savings, donate 90% of our salary to The Lord, at the SAME TIME. (#HowSway) Great intentions but poor implementation. You must execute strategically. Knock out one goal at a time. 

Habit: We will work hard AND smart towards our financial goals.



Changing or creating new habits definitely requires hard work and dedication. As a result, you'll need help from God. Involve Him in the process! Don't fall for the lie that prayers should be reserved only for healing, protection and salvation. Ask God for the consistency, encouragement, accountability and unity you'll need to attain your financial goals. My new book Make Your Money One is designed to unify your marital mindset so that you can create and implement those financial goals together. It is available for pre-order right now. 

Habit: We will pray without ceasing and invite God into this process.

Let me know which successful habits you’ve developed in your marriage